Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Grip Basketball Shoes Of 2023

Best Grip Basketball Shoes

Playing basketball is a great way to stay healthy and active, but it can be challenging to perform at your best if you need the right equipment. The right pair of shoes is essential for any basketball player, as it can make all the difference in playing your best. Finding the best grip basketball shoes can help you stay in control when making those quick cuts and pivots on the court.

The grip is essential when selecting basketball shoes; the correct grip can provide enhanced control and better traction on the court. Having the right shoes specifically designed to provide extra grip and stability can help reduce injuries and improve your performance on the court. Finding the best grip basketball shoes for your feet is crucial to stay safe and enjoying playing.

Anyone who plays basketball knows the importance of having a good grip on the court. It helps to control the ball and eliminates any potential slipping that could result in an injury. Investing in a pair of quality basketball shoes is essential to ensure you have the best grip possible. Not only do they need to feel comfortable and supported, but they also provide lasting grip and traction on the court.

Top 2 Picks for Best Grip Basketball Shoes

We’ve narrowed down our top two picks for the best grip basketball shoes to simplify things. Our first Pick is the PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash NBK Sneaker. These shoes offer superior traction from its full-length Max Air unit underfoot. Thanks to its rubber and foam cushioning combination, these shoes provide maximum responsiveness during quick cuts and transitions across the court. Our second pick is the Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes.

editors choice
  • Rubber Sole
  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Technical Innovation
  • Revolutionary Design
  • Narrow In the Toe Box Area
best buy
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Mesh Tongue
  • Webbed Lacing System 
  • Die Cut EVA Sockliner
  • Not Wide Enough

List of Top 5 Best Grip Basketball Shoes

We have compiled a list of the top 5 best grip basketball shoes that offer exceptional traction and stability for your game. Whether you’re playing competitively or just looking to stay active, these top-of-the-line kicks will give you the confidence and agility you need to perform at your best. Each pair provides superior grip on any court surface with features like cushioned midsoles for extra comfort, lightweight mesh uppers for breathability, and deep grooves in their outsoles for maximum traction.

Product Name Reason to Buy Rating Price
 PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash NBK Sneaker  Budget Pick  9.7 Check Price
 Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes Editors Pick   9.5 Check Price
 Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes Top Pick   9.3 Check Price
 Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Basketball Shoe  Best Overall 9.0  Check Price
 Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low Basketball Shoe Also Good  8.8  Check Price

Reviews of Best Grip Basketball Shoes

Reviews of best grip basketball shoes are more than an opinion – they can help highlight essential features to look out for, such as cushioning, traction, and support. They also provide insights into how well-made a shoe is, whether made from high-quality materials or not.

These reviews often include detailed descriptions of specific technologies used in each shoe that could enhance your performance on the court, such as shock-absorbing midsoles or self-cleaning outsoles. Reviews can provide helpful suggestions on which type of surface a particular shoe works better on or certain activities that could benefit from a specific type of shoe.

9.7 score of best indoor basketball

PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash NBK Sneaker

 PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash NBK Sneaker

Good Things

  • Excellent Fit and Feel
  • Great Traction
  • Stylish and Reasonably Priced
  • Very Durable

Bad Things

  • Narrow In the Toe Box Area

This sneaker is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a cushioned midsole and padded collar to ensure ultimate support and comfort. The shoe’s sleek silhouette gives it a modern look and makes it suitable for any occasion. With upper leather construction and a non-marking rubber outsole, this shoe is also made for durability. Its innovative design features superior cushioning and support to keep your feet happy all day.

This Sneaker is designed with a 100% synthetic material upper, providing maximum breathability and comfort. The sneaker also features a cushioned midsole that offers superior shock absorption and cushioning for extra support during your active lifestyle. The shoe’s rubber outsole is durable and provides excellent traction on any surface, making it perfect for all activities.

This sneaker also has a sleek design with modern accents, giving it an attractive look that will suit any style. These Sneakers come in several color options so you can match your outfit accordingly. With its high-quality construction and beautiful aesthetic, this sneaker will become one of your favorite footwear pieces in no time. This sneaker also has an adjustable lace closure for easy on/off access and a secure fit.

These Best Grip Basketball Shoes feature a low-top shaft height from the arch. This low-profile design allows the wearer to experience maximum comfort and flexibility. The sleek, casual look of the shoe also adds to its appeal. The Puma logo is prominently featured at the heel for an added touch of style and sophistication. These sneakers also have an Ortholite sockliner to help keep your feet dry and comfortable during wear.

9.5 score of best indoor basketball

Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men's Basketball Shoes

Good Things

  • Fantastic Ankle Protection
  • Very Supportive and Comfortable
  • Provide Great Contact With the Floor
  • Well Padded Shoes

Bad Things

  • Not Wide Enough

Developed with athletes in mind, these shoes are designed to provide maximum cushioning, grip, and breathability on the court. Under Armor has something for everyone, from the low-top shoe for quicker movements to the higher-top shoe for enhanced ankle support. Textiles used in men’s basketball shoes by Under Armour include lightweight, breathable materials like mesh and synthetic leather.

Mesh is a robust and flexible material often found on the shoe’s upper to provide incredible ventilation and flexibility. Synthetic leather is an artificial material that mimics the look and feels of genuine leather without cost or environmental footprint. It offers superior abrasion resistance and durability compared to real leather. Both textiles provide an outstanding balance between comfort and performance in basketball shoes.

The sole features an advanced traction pattern that can provide better running or jumping stability. This allows players to keep up with the game’s fast-paced nature without worrying about slipping or sliding on the court. Synthetic sole materials are lightweight and breathable, so your feet stay comfortable during extended practices and games.

These Best Grip Basketball Shoes feature a shaft that measures approximately mid-top from the arch. This ensures the foot is securely held in place, giving you more stability and control on the court. The mid-top construction of these shoes also provides extra ankle support, allowing for greater mobility without sacrificing safety. The foam-backed fabric on the collar helps keep your feet snug and comfortable during intense physical activity.

A full-length Micro G™ foam cushioning system absorbs impact while providing lightweight responsiveness to help make every move explosive and powerful. A webbed lacing system provides a locked-in, customized fit. It allows users to customize the tightness of their shoes without worrying about them becoming loose or slipping off during activities. The webbed lacing system is flexible and robust, allowing it to stretch and adjust without coming undone.


Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Basketball Shoes

Good Things

  • Fast Shipping and Quality Product
  • Traction Is Amazing
  • Feels the Court Very Well
  • Excellent Field Hold

Bad Things

  • Edges Dig Into Ankles

Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes are at the top of their game in finding the perfect combination of style, comfort, and performance. They offer various designs and styles that appeal to competitive players and everyday enthusiasts alike. Whether looking for something casual or more technical, Nike has a basketball shoe for everyone.

Synthetic materials are a popular choice used in these men’s basketball shoes. Artificial materials are manufactured and provide durability, breathability, and flexibility. Combining these three features makes synthetic an excellent choice for athletes looking to stay comfortable throughout their games. These Best Grip Basketball Shoes come in various colorways to match any style preference or team uniform.

Rubber soles are a popular choice for Nike men’s basketball shoes. They provide cushioning and support, which is critical when playing an intense sport like basketball. Rubber soles also give players better traction, making stopping and starting quickly on the court easier. The rubber helps to absorb shock from jumping and running, reducing the risk of injury from impact. The laces are adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

The latest iteration of their signature Air Zoom line offers superior responsiveness with enhanced breathability and comfort. They also feature Flywire technology, ensuring the perfect fit while providing superior lockdown during movement. For those seeking more stability in their game, Nike’s React cushioning technology offers a plush ride and stable platform that helps reduce fatigue during long play sessions.

9.0 score of best indoor basketball

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Basketball Shoe

Good Things

  • Material is Amazing
  • Solid Performance
  • Fresh Looking Sneakers
  • Comfortable, and Shock Absorbent

Bad Things

  • Too Much Space in Between the Laces

Adidas has long been known as a leader in athletic and leisure footwear. Their latest innovation, the Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Basketball Shoe, will surely be a hit for athletes and sports enthusiasts. The unique design of this basketball shoe features exceptional cushioning that provides superior stability and protection during jump shots or fast-paced dribbling.

The upper portion of this shoe is made from a mixture of Synthetic leather and mesh to provide superior breathability while maintaining its structural integrity. Inside the shoe is an Ortholite footbed which provides cushioning and support to your feet during intense activity. To further enhance the comfort level, they have included a padded tongue and collar, which adds extra cushioning to your ankles as you move around on the court.

These Best Grip Basketball Shoes have included a rubber sole that offers superior traction to stay agile on any surface. The rubber sole has good shock absorption properties, effectively reducing impacts from running or jumping while providing excellent support for your feet and ankles. This makes it an ideal choice for any serious basketball player looking for a reliable shoe with excellent grip and comfort.

The shoe also features Torsion System technology which further adds to the energy-returning properties of the Boost midsole. Its rigid structure allows for better motion control. It reduces fatigue by providing additional support in the heel and forefoot area when making quick cuts or changing direction on the court. These two technologies make these Basketball Shoes perfect for athletes looking for an edge in their game.

The traditional lacing system allows for an adjustable fit, while the cushioned midsole keeps feet comfortable throughout long practices or games. Mesh tongue and heel insert offer ventilation that helps to keep the foot cool and dry, making for an ideal shoe for intense basketball activity. The inserts also provide support and comfort, enhancing performance during long periods of active play.

8.8 score of best indoor basketball

Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

Good Things

  • They Offer Plenty of Support
  • Great Fit and Wears well
  • Wide Foot Friendly,
  • Have Nice Bounce

Bad Things

  • Stiff Sole

The Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes feature an upper composed of synthetic leather and textile that provides excellent breathability and flexibility. The synthetic material also helps to reduce sweat, while the fabrics help to keep feet cool during intense activity. The shoe features a rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern, giving it a superior grip on the court.

The upper material is breathable synthetic leather that helps keep your feet cool during intense action while providing extra support around the ankle area. The shoe features an EVA midsole which provides cushioning and shock absorption to help reduce foot fatigue during play. The lacing system is designed with Dynamic Fit technology to offer a secure fit throughout your performance.

The midfoot shank ensures stability during movement, while the internal cushioning system helps to absorb shock and reduce fatigue during long games. The rubber sole provides excellent traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces, so you can be sure you won’t slip or slide if things get too competitive. This Basketball Shoe features a padded tongue and collar that helps protect against potential chafing or rubbing against skin.

These Best Grip Basketball Shoes feature a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch. This design offers excellent flexibility, enabling athletes to move more freely and quickly when playing. The low-top construction also enhances agility by allowing for a better range of motion when running and changing directions. The low-top design provides enhanced ventilation which helps keep feet cool and comfortable during intense activity.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) films are used to construct these basketball shoes. These interwoven layers of TPU provide a lightweight yet supportive structure, flexibility, and durability. PU (polyurethane) coated mesh is then layered over the TPU to add extra cushioning and breathability to the design of this shoe. Combining these materials creates an anatomical structure that offers multi-layer support for athletes looking for stability during gameplay.

Buying Guide for Best Grip Basketball Shoes

It’s essential to look for a shoe with a good-quality rubber outsole designed to give plenty of traction on different surfaces. Traction should be noticed when purchasing basketball shoes as it is essential in helping you make quick movements without slipping or sliding while playing. Look at how comfortably the upper part of the shoe fits because this helps keep your feet secure while jumping around and making sudden moves during a game.

Outsole Pattern

Outsole pattern is one of the key ways to determine a basketball shoe’s level of traction. This refers to the pattern on the bottom of the shoe that helps it grip onto surfaces like wood or concrete courts. It’s essential to ensure that your shoe features rubber outsoles with raised lugs or grooves to maximize traction across different surfaces. Look for patterns with deep grooves and bridges between lugs as signs of higher-quality grip technology.

Outsole Material

When considering outsole material, look for shoes with rubber outsoles with herringbone tread or multi-directional patterns. These provide excellent traction and durability while allowing you to move quickly in all directions without slipping or skidding.


Durability is one of the essential features when shopping for basketball shoes. Look for uppers made from high-grade synthetic material or leather, as this will ensure maximum longevity and protection against wear and tear.

Tread Pattern

Tread patterns are essential when gripping the court and making quick cuts while playing. Different tread patterns are designed to provide better traction when running on dusty courts or during wet weather conditions.


Consider what type of surface you’ll usually be playing on. Different outsoles are designed for various court surfaces, such as cement, wood, and rubber – so pick a shoe designed specifically for your usual court surface.

Design Patterns

Regarding grip, nothing beats a rubber outsole with “herringbone” design patterns. These patterns effectively create a robust surface that offers increased traction in all directions.

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There are numerous brands to consider, and each shoe model has unique qualities that make them stand out. After hours of research and testing, we have concluded that the PUMA Unisex-Adult Smash NBK Sneakers are the Best Grip Basketball Shoes. This model offers superior cushioning and responsiveness for quick cuts and jumps during play. The Zoom Air cushioning system provides maximum responsiveness while maintaining stability.

Fit is the most important factor when choosing a top-notch pair of grip basketball sneakers. You want to ensure that your foot fits snugly in the shoe with enough room for your toes to move around comfortably but not too much room for them to slide around inside.

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