The Top 5 Best low top basketball shoes Of 2023

Best low top basketball shoes.

Basketball is a popular sport that requires the right gear to ensure you are always at the top of your game. One of the critical elements of tools for basketball players is their shoes. When choosing basketball shoes, there are many different types to consider. Best low top basketball shoes offer a great combination of style, comfort, and performance.

Finding the best low top basketball shoes you can rely on the game after game is essential to any severe basketball player’s life. Not only are you hoping to find a shoe that offers superior performance, but also one that is comfortable and won’t destroy your bank account. Best low top basketball shoes are designed to give players greater agility, speed and control while providing a lightweight feel. Best low top basketball shoes offer superior ankle support and flexibility while being light enough for maximum skill on the court.

Top 2 Picks For Best low top basketball shoes

The first pick is the Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe which offers excellent stability and ankle support with a lightweight design. These shoes feature an extra layer of foam cushioning and an engineered mesh upper that ensures breathability while still providing strength and durability. Additionally, they boast a traction pattern designed to grip any surface, so you can make quick cuts without worrying about slipping.

The second choice is Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe, which offers superior support and enhanced flexibility for quick transitions during gameplay.

editors choice
  • Fabric Material
  • All colors
  • Synthetic sole
  • 2.88 pounds
  • Not good for flat feet
best buy
  • Textile and Synthetic Material
  • All colors
  • Rubber Sole
  • 0.97 pounds
  • Rough on the heel back

List Of 5 Best low top basketball shoes

We have compiled a list of five of the best low top basketball shoes available today. These shoes will provide plenty of cushioning, breathability and stability to take your game to the next level.

First up on our list is Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe. This Shoe is designed with a lightweight and flexible upper that provides plenty of cushioning and breathability while an aggressive traction pattern gives you excellent grip on any court surface. Additionally, this Shoe features Nike React cushioning, which helps absorb impact and offers a responsive ride.

Product Name Reason to Buy Rating Price
 adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe Editors choice  9.7  Check Price
 adidas Men’s Marquee Basketball Shoe Top choice  9.5  Check Price
 adidas Men’s Pro Vision Basketball shoe Budget choice  9.3  Check Price
 Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoe Also good  9.0  Check Price
 LI-NING Speed Series Men Professional Best overall  8.8  Check Price

Reviews For Best low top basketball shoes

One popular model Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe, offers lightweight cushioning and support with its upper mesh design. It features a full-length air unit for maximum comfort and Flywire technology for dynamic lockdown support. These sneakers have an engineered traction pattern for better grip on any court surface. They come in various colours, so there’s sure to be one to match your team uniform or personal style preferences. Here we will review some of the best low top basketball shoes available today so that you can find a pair that fits your needs and budget.

9.7 score of best indoor basketball

Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

Good Things

  • Sharp looking and comfortable
  • Awesome style, and grip
  • Great for outdoor courts
  • Reasonable price

Bad Things

  • Not good for flat feet

Adidas has long been a leader in the sports apparel industry, and the introduction of their new Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe is sure to revolutionize the game. Featuring an innovative design and superior construction, this Shoe is designed to provide players with enhanced stability, comfort, and responsiveness. Its ultra-durable upper offers maximum protection from abrasion, while its lightweight midsole provides superior cushioning for long hours on the court.

The Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe is a must-have for any basketball enthusiast. Designed with James Harden in mind, the Shoe features a unique combination of lightweight cushioning and flexibility that will give you an edge on the court. The breathable mesh upper ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable even during intense games, while the rubber outsole provides excellent traction on any surface.

The lace-up closure provides a secure fit to keep your foot locked. In addition, the heel also offers enhanced stability for better control when making cuts and jumps. Whether you’re shooting threes or driving to the hoop, these shoes will help you stay quick on your feet and perform at your peak level. With its sleek style and performance benefits, Adidas Harden Stepback are the best low top basketball shoes for bringing your game to the next level!

Athletes worldwide wear Adidas shoes to perform at their highest level in their chosen sport. The brand has a long history of producing some of the best low top basketball shoes, and the latest innovation comes from the Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe. This Shoe is perfect for any baller looking for superior control on the court, featuring a synthetic fabric sole constructed with a combination of mesh and suede.

The design features signature details from James Harden himself, including an adjustable lacing system for added comfort and stability during play. The midsole cushioning provides lightweight responsiveness so you can keep your feet moving fast without worrying about fatigue or discomfort. With its stylish look and superior performance, it’s no wonder why so many athletes trust Adidas when heading out on the court.

This reliable Shoe also features a low-profile silhouette which allows for extra manoeuvrability when it comes time to make those quick cuts or explosive drives to the hoop. The traction pattern provides superior grip on any court surface so you can move confidently when playing your best game. With its lightweight design, this Shoe will give you the freedom of movement that you need without sacrificing durability or support.

The Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe is a state-of-the-art design that provides players with superior performance and comfort. Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and decades of accumulating sports science expertise, the Shoe features cutting-edge technology to help athletes reach their goals. Combining lightweight cushioning with durable materials, the Shoe provides excellent impact protection and stability for explosive on-court movements.

The breathable mesh upper allows maximum ventilation, while strategic overlays provide support and structure in all the right places. With its innovative lacing system and herringbone outsole pattern for optimal grip on any surface, players can enjoy unparalleled control over their game. Whether you’re an elite player or just playing recreationally, the Adidas Harden Stepback will take your game to another level.

9.5 score of best indoor basketball

Adidas Men’s Marquee Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Marquee Basketball Shoe

Good Things

  • Great high-impact support
  • Looks & Feels Great
  • Lightweight and Cushy
  • Fits perfectly to size

Bad Things

  • A tiny rough on the heel back

It is introducing the Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe – a cutting-edge design from the renowned sportswear brand. This stylish Shoe brings together cutting-edge performance with superior comfort and style, making it perfect choice for any player looking for best low top basketball shoes. With its combination of Boost midsole cushioning, a durable rubber outsole, and breathable materials, this Shoe offers players both comfort and agility during intense matches.

When it comes to style and performance on the court, no one does it better than Adidas. The popular sportswear brand has released its newest basketball shoe, the Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe. This Shoe is perfect for athletes who want a stylish yet sturdy sneaker that will give them an edge on the court.

This Basketball Shoe features a textile and synthetic upper with a rubber sole for maximum grip and durability. The regular fit ensures that each foot is securely supported, while the elastic lace closure helps keep feet snug and comfortable during intense competition. Adidas has also incorporated its revolutionary Boost technology into this design, providing athletes with responsive and energy-returned cushioning. With these features, this Shoe will stand up to any rigorous activity on or off the court.

Featuring a regular fit, these shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort all day long. The soft textile lining makes for a comfortable interior, while the sturdy rubber outsole delivers superior traction on any court surface. This Shoe combines exceptional design with incredible durability to create a product that will last for years. With a textile and canvas upper, this basketball shoe stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance.

The Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe is taking the court by storm. The Shoe’s revolutionary cushioning technology provides the most responsive cushioning ever, delivering incredible energy return. With every step, the midsole foam and TPU cage combine to create ultra-responsive cushioning that bounces back with each stride. This ensures that no energy is wasted, so players can stay on their feet longer and play harder without fatigue.

The lightweight feel of the Marquee Boost Low also adds to its allure for basketball players looking for a comfortable fit. The upper’s breathable mesh keeps feet cool throughout intense games. An EVA sock liner provides additional cushioning while deep flex grooves along the sole allow for natural movement of your foot as you play.


Adidas Men’s Pro Vision Basketball shoe

adidas Men's Pro Vision

Good Things

  • Nice design and affordable
  • Great grip and excellent value
  • Quality and comfort
  • True to size

Bad Things

  • Some say it is little bit heavy

Adidas Men’s Pro Vision is the perfect choice for athletes and sports lovers looking for best low top basketball shoes. This famous line of shoes from Adidas combines cutting-edge technology with classic design, offering comfort, stability and performance all in one. With its sleek silhouette, lightweight construction and responsive cushioning system, the Pro Vision provide the highest level of protection for feet during challenging physical activities.

Adidas Men’s Pro Vision provides the perfect blend of style and performance. These shoes are designed to meet the needs of athletes and everyday wearers alike, combining maximum comfort with modern design. The breathable mesh upper is complemented by a sporty yet stylish silhouette that is both lightweight and durable. With an adiPRENE+ midsole for cushioning, a moulded heel counter for stability, and a rubber outsole for traction, these shoes provide all-day support and protection on any terrain.

Featuring a textile upper with a synthetic rubber sole, the sleek design of this Shoe will keep you looking and feeling your best while you are on the go. The distinctive bold gold carbon detailing adds an eye-catching touch of style to any outfit. Additionally, the lightweight construction ensures that your feet won’t be weighed down by extra bulk, allowing you to move freely throughout your day.

The innovative design also features a padded collar and tongue to help provide additional cushioning around the ankle, allowing you to move confidently. The rubber outsole gives superior traction on any surface, while the lace-up closure ensures a secure fit every time. For added convenience and flexibility, it is an adjustable strap closure that allows you to quickly customize your fit when needed. Comfort is key here; whether playing sports or running errands, this Shoe will keep your feet happy.

It is also equipped with an Ortholite sock liner which helps absorb shock while providing cushion and breathability at every step. It features an adjustable heel counter that locks your foot in place for added stability when you need it most. The soft textile upper adds an extra layer of comfort and support so you can stay focused on reaching your goals. With its stylish yet functional design, the Adidas Men’s Pro Vision will help take your performance to the next level!

This Shoe will take your game to the next level, featuring an off-white bold gold carbon colourway. The unique design combines a timeless classic style with contemporary technology, making it an excellent choice for basketball players and fashion-forward athletes. Additionally, its innovative traction pattern is designed to give you maximum grip on any court surface, allowing you to make quick cuts and explosive plays without worrying about slipping or sliding.

9.0 score of best indoor basketball

Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's  Basketball Shoe

Good Things

  • Well-made product
  • Super comfortable
  • Great Fit for Flat Feet
  • Amazing style

Bad Things

  • Fit tightly on the top of foot

This Shoe offers excellent performance on the court and a stylish design that stands out from the crowd. It features a breathable mesh upper with supportive overlays and a durable rubber sole for grip and traction when you need it most. Its half-bootie construction provides extra internal comfort and adjustability to customize your fit for optimal on-court performance.

This Shoe provides maximum traction on any court, featuring a 100% synthetic imported rubber sole. The mid-top Shaft measures approximately mid-top from the arch and ensures that your ankle remains supported while playing. The durable synthetic leather upper is perforated for enhanced breathability so you can play comfortably, no matter how long your game lasts. With an added cushioning system throughout the footbed, this Shoe provides stability and shock absorption when taking those quick cuts.

The Shaft of this best low top basketball shoes measures approximately mid-top from the arch, providing excellent support for the foot so you can easily make quick movements on the court. Featuring a Die-Cut EVA sock liner and full-length Micro G foam midsole, this Shoe offers maximum cushioning and responsiveness to give you an edge while playing. Additionally, its herringbone outsole pattern ensures exceptional lateral movement control and traction during playtime.

This Shoe also has a plush tongue and collar lining that offers exceptional cushioning around your foot. The lightweight, breathable material ensures your feet stay cool during long hours of intense competition. The lacing system enables a secure fit that won’t slip when you make sudden turns or jumps during play. The rubber outsole offers excellent traction on any surface, giving you the confidence to make all your moves with ease and accuracy.

The Shoe also features an anatomically correct fit, giving you unparalleled comfort during intense activity. It’s designed with strategically placed rubber padding that delivers optimal grip and traction on various surfaces. Additionally, foam inserts provide additional cushioning around the ankle collar area and midfoot section of the Shoe for added support during cutting movements or high-intensity activities. These features make this shoe ideal for basketball players who demand peak performance from their footwear.

Its durable synthetic leather upper is perforated for enhanced breathability and features an adjustable midfoot strap for a secure fit. This Shoe has a Micro G foam midsole that turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs. The Micro G foam midsole is designed with an anatomical curve that provides incredible support and helps turn each landing into an explosive launch. This technology allows athletes to move quickly and efficiently while feeling secure and balanced during play.

8.8 score of best indoor basketball

LI-NING Speed series Basketball Shoes

LI-NING Speed Series Men Professional

Good Things

  • Comfortable with style and grip
  • Good Brand and Good price
  • Looks and Performs Fantastic
  • Great quality

Bad Things

  • A little bit narrow at the top of foot

The Li-Ning Speed shoes have been designed to provide optimal performance on the court and are the best low top basketball shoes. With their lightweight construction and superior grip, players can move around the court with ease and confidence. The advanced cushioning system provides comfort and shock absorption for every jump and landing, making them an excellent choice for serious basketball players. These shoes also feature attractive designs that are sure to turn heads on the court.

With its imported rubber sole, the Shoe offers superior cushioning and grip while allowing optimal foot movement. The back of the palm is equipped with Li-Ning BOOM technology, giving players an even better experience on the court. This high technology provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption to reduce fatigue during intense play. Not only does it help prevent injuries, but it also increases stability and performance so players can stay at the top of their game.

This new technology combines speed and agility with a modern design, offering basketball players an edge on the court everywhere. The patented foam layer also ensures excellent rebound capabilities for maximum performance on any surface. With its comfortable fit, lightweight construction and ergonomic design, this ball ensure that you stay agile while playing hard at any level of competition.

Players have reported increased agility, stability, and responsiveness when wearing this Shoe – all thanks to its innovative Light Foam cushioning technology. With a unique midsole design that relieves pressure from your feet during intense movements and an outsole pattern for optimal grip in any direction, these shoes are designed to give you an advantage over your opponents on the court.

This Shoe offers unbeatable performance and durability for the avid basketball player. The shoes are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they stand up to the most challenging play. The toe cap is a densely woven mesh cloth composite with a large area of hot melt film, providing excellent protection from wear and tear. This basketball shoe is made from top-grade materials and is designed to withstand intense physical activity and regular play. Available in various colours and sizes, It is perfect for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

The reinforced midsole provides extra stability and shock absorption, while the full-length upper provides a secure fit around the foot. The latest addition to the series is PROBAR LOC, a new structure that extends from heel to forefoot for increased stability and longevity. PROBAR LOC offers coverage in critical areas of the foot, such as around the ankle joint and arch area, giving players added protection against injuries during quick movements. Additionally, this feature keeps its shape after extended use and will not deform over time.

Best low top basketball shoes Buying Guide

When choosing the perfect pair for best low top basketball shoes, comfort is vital. Look for a design that offers good cushioning under the foot while providing enough support to keep your feet secure when jumping and running around the court. The sole should also have plenty of traction, so you don’t slip on those quick turns and fast breakaways. Durability is also essential, as you want your Shoe to stay intact after just a few games. Lastly, consider any extra features, such as breathability or additional padding, that may come in handy during intense play.

Material and Toughness

When purchasing a pair of best low top basketball shoes, choose ones that combine breathable mesh fabrics with leather or synthetic materials for extra support. The upper portion of the Shoe should also provide adequate ankle support without being too tight around your foot – look for cushioning systems to keep your feet comfortable during long games. Additionally, look for rubber soles that offer good indoor and outdoor court traction. For added durability, go for double-stitched seams and reinforced toe boxes that won’t break down over time due to wear and tear from aggressive playing styles.


Comfort should be a top priority when searching for the perfect Shoe, as playing with ill-fitting footwear can lead to foot and ankle pain over time. Fortunately, most modern basketball shoes feature soft padding, breathable fabric and shock-absorbing materials that provide cushioning and support during intense gameplay. Additionally, look for shoes with wide-toe boxes and flexible soles that allow your feet to move naturally while playing on the court.


The first thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of low tops is weight; lighter shoes will allow you to move faster and jump higher – making them ideal for quick players. Fortunately, most modern low tops have been designed with lightweight materials that provide great cushioning without weighing your feet down. Look for features like breathable mesh uppers or foam midsoles that will keep your feet cool and comfortable during long games.


The midsole of any basketball shoe is one of its most important features. It provides cushioning, stability and shock absorption, which reduces pain in your feet and joints. Good midsoles are usually made up of foam or rubber materials. Still, some may also contain air bubbles for extra protection. Look for a pair of low tops with a good quality midsole that can provide enough support without compromising flexibility and responsiveness. Additionally, ensure the Shoe fits appropriately to prevent slips or falls while playing on the court.


An essential factor to consider when looking for best low top basketball shoes is their outsole. This component determines how your foot will move and how much traction and support you will have when running and jumping. Consider materials such as rubber or gum rubber when looking at outsoles of basketball shoes since they usually offer good levels of grip, cushioning, flexibility, and durability.

Fit Lockdown

Best Low top basketball shoes should provide snugness around the ankle and heel while avoiding pressure points in the forefoot area. The right fit will also prevent your feet from sliding within the Shoe as you move. Supportive overlays are also important, as they help keep your foot secure in place with each step. Look for a shoe with good lockdown capabilities to keep up with all those quick lateral movements you make on the court.


Traction is essential for quick stops and starts on the court, as well as maintaining control when you’re trying to make a move on an opponent. Shoes with superior traction will help keep you from slipping or sliding around on the court to maintain your focus and give your all during play. You want something that has enough grip without being too sticky or slippery. Some materials offer more cushioning than others, so depending on your playing style, it’s important to find the right combination of traction and support for maximum results.

Ankle Support

The best low top basketball shoes provide ankle support and stability to keep you safe from injury while still providing that fast-paced playing experience. You want to ensure your foot fits snugly in the Shoe, with no extra room in the heel or toe area that could cause blistering or discomfort during playtime.


Cushioning plays a significant role in finding comfortable and supportive shoes that won’t leave your feet sore after a game. When choosing a pair of low-cut basketball sneakers, cushioning should be one of your primary considerations. The more cushioning, the better protection you will get against hard landings and impacts during play. Look for shoe models with great midsole foam or air that provide adequate shock absorption and impact protection so that your feet stay comfortable while playing.

Know Your Exact Size

When choosing a basketball shoe, the most important aspect is knowing your exact size. Grab a ruler and measure your feet from heel to toe for an accurate representation. It’s also wise to try on several different sizes and brands, as sizing can vary. Aside from knowing your exact size, only buy basketball shoes after trying them on. Shoes that fit too tight or loose can cause pain in the heels or arch area, so it’s essential to ensure they work correctly before purchasing. When trying on shoes, consider the support they provide and how comfortable they feel on your feet— this will help ensure that you get the right pair for your needs.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Maintaining your basketball shoes is essential to keeping them in good condition. Regular cleaning and proper care can prolong the life of your shoes, providing you with better performance on the court. Remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the Shoe’s surface using a soft brush or damp cloth. This will help loosen any dirt or mud that may have become embedded in the fabric or leather upper. Use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas like seams and eyelets. Then use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to wipe down both sides of the Shoe before rinsing with cold water to remove any soap residue.

How Do I Break In My Basketball Shoes

Breaking in your new basketball shoe is essential for optimal performance. Wear them around the house for short periods before taking them to court. This allows you to become accustomed to the fit and feel of your shoes so that they won’t cause any discomfort during a game or practice session. Use a soft cloth rag to rub down certain areas, such as along seams or where laces meet the material, to soften them and make them more pliable.


Finding the best low top basketball shoes can be a simple task. Consider the critical factors of cushioning, durability, traction and fit when searching for your next pair of kicks. Ultimately, you want a shoe that fits well, provides comfort and performs at the highest level during games. Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe is the one that contains all these features in it.

Both styles of shoes offer different benefits and can be beneficial for certain types of players. Weight is one important factor when deciding between a low-top or high-top Shoe. Low tops are generally lighter, making them more comfortable and allowing players to move more freely on the court. This makes low tops ideal for players who prioritize agility over the extra ankle support that high tops provide. some people prefer the lower profile aesthetic of a low-top shoe since they don’t come up as far on the ankle as a high-top would. Some people may need additional ankle support during gameplay, which is where high tops come in.

Evaluate materials, cushioning, support levels, and overall fit to ascertain which pair has optimal comfort and performance characteristics. Also consider breathability, style options, and cost efficiency when making our recommendations. Observe real-game situations with players wearing the shoes to assess their actual performance on the court.

Low-top sneakers provide flexibility and mobility during activities like running or playing sports. This can help athletes feel more agile on their feet and keep them cool in warmer weather. It is important to ensure you have the right fit when wearing low tops; they should be snug but not too tight around your foot and ankle. Lacing up your low tops ensures they stay secure while you’re active.

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